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    Basic Management Theory Taxonomy

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    The aspects of organizational management depicted in Table 1 tend to focus on aspects of change and the transactional aspects of managing change within the realm of e-commerce, virtual team collaboration, and small group dynamics (the start-up environment). This is primarily due to my desire to frame some of the elements that prepare a leader appropriately for transformational effectiveness. In addition, these are topics that influence my ability to frame a proper research base, not only for upcoming assignments in this course, but also my doctoral dissertation.
    It might be observed that I have not treated with a great deal of detail many of the most commonly discussed theories or paradigms within the organizational management and teamwork genre. Instead, I have focused specifically on lesser-known issues that I wanted to learn more about or that I thought would be of benefit not only to me, but also to my classmates who will likely be asked to review this work.

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    1] Technographics-Mary Modahl, Forrester Research
    2] The Ringelmann Effect
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    The solution presents 10 summaries of select management theories with full annotation and references in APA format; 12 pages; 18 references. For each summary, a brief description is followed by comments on the theory's application or an example of its use.