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Organizational Culture: Management

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Luthans and Doh (2012) present several details about four organizational cultures: family, Eiffel Tower, guided missile, and incubator. Which of the four organizational cultures do you prefer as a manager? As a worker? As a customer? Explain your position.

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Each of the four cultures listed is vastly different in characteristics and elements that make up that specific culture. As a manager, I would want to be part of a guided missile organizational culture. In this type of organizational culture, management sets objectives and the managers then direct employees to work towards these objectives. Acting as a team, the corporation then fulfills the company's objectives. This type of culture is very directive oriented and target focused. I would prefer this type of culture as a manager due to the ...

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This solution explains which organizational culture would be preferred as a manager, customer, and worker. The reasons why each respective culture is chosen are explained. Additional student resources are provided for student expansion.

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