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    Systems Operations Management

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    A process is generally considered to be in control when

    a. there are no sample points outside the control limits
    b. most points are near the center line, without many being close to the control limits
    c. sample points are randomly distributed equally above and below the center line
    d. all of the above are true

    The ratio of the range of the design specifications to the range of the process variation is known as
    a. Six Sigma quality
    b. the process capability index
    c. the process capability ratio
    d. a p-chart

    A cross-industry supply chain diagnostic tool maintained by the supply Chain Council is called:
    a. SCORE
    b. SCOR
    c. SCM
    d. SSCP

    One way to reduce the bullwhip effect is for supply chain members to
    a. make ordering decisions independently of each other
    b. forecast demand independently of other supply chain members
    c. share demand forecasts with other supply chain members
    d. restrict information flows between supply chain members

    Forecast methods based on judgment, opinion, past experiences, or best guesses are known as
    a. quantitative methods
    b. qualitative methods
    c. time series methods
    d. regression methods

    Regression forecasting methods relate _________to other factors that cause demand behavior.
    a. Supply
    b. Demand
    c. Time
    d. Money
    e. Efficiency

    The probability that the inventory available during lead time will meet demand is referred to as the
    a. expected lead time demand
    b. safety stock
    c. stockout risk
    d. service level

    A team structure sometimes used in projects where members are drawn from different functional areas or departments in the company, depending on the skills required, is known as
    a. a matrix organization
    b. a project network
    c. an organizational breakdown structure
    d. a work breakdown structure

    A tool used for project planning which breaks down a project into components, subcomponents, activities, and tasks is referred to as the
    a. work breakdown structure (WBS)
    b. scope statement
    c. responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
    d. organizational breakdown structure (OBS)

    A standard procedure for numerically measuring a projectâ??s progress, forecasting its completion date and cost and providing measures of schedule and budget variation as activities are completed is referred to as
    a. program evaluation and review technique (PERT)
    b. the critical path method (CPM)
    c. a Gantt chart
    d. earned value analysis (EVA)

    The _______________ probability distribution is typically used to describe uncertain activity times in a project.
    a. beta
    b. normal
    c. binomial
    d. exponential

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