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    Systems Operations Management: Statistical Process Controls

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    Describe 2-3 statistical process controls? Why are they important?

    Why are companies interested in systems operations management today? Why is it important?

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    1. Measures of central tendency ( mean, median, mode)
    These three measures indicate typical characteristics of the products produced by an organization. They can serve as control measures in production because they indicate whether the product features are within the standards set. Example, the computed means of the 100 units of products in terms of diameter is 2 ft. This dimension may be compared to the specification prescribed in order to discover possible errors in the production process that need to be addressed.
    2. Measures of variability ( standard deviation, variance)
    Standard deviation indicates the distance of the score to the mean. Hence, it could aid the management in determining variations affecting the production process. Too high standard deviation and variance may indicate that a process is not in control and ...

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    The solution discusses statistics process controls as well as why companies are interested in systems operations management today and why it is important.