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    Roles operations managers play in addressing the major aspects

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    What roles do operations managers play in addressing the major aspects of service quality?

    Thanks for helping me with this! Oh, please include references, too.

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    The operations manager is in charge of the design, operations, and control of the process that is involved in transforming resources into finished goods or services. He is therefore involved in transforming inputs into outputs, for the success of the company. The inputs include: people, technology, capital, equipment, materials, information, and others. The outputs are either or both products and services.

    According to Robbins (2005), decisions made in relation to operations management issues determine the likelihood of success of an organization. Operations management encompasses both manufacturing and service organizations. This indicates the importance of the role of an operations manager. He sees to it that inputs, in the first place, should already be of good quality. Human resources are carefully selected to ensure that they possess the knowledge and skills in relation to ...

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    The roles operations managers play in addressing the major aspects is determined.