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    Technology trends in the Courtroom

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    Give an example of a future trend affecting the criminal justice system. How can the personnel in the criminal justice system accurately and effectively plan accordingly for this trend? What changes would you recommend to improve the situation associated with this trend? Explain.

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    A trend that the criminal justice system is seeing is the technological advances in the court system. For example, some court systems are using closed caption television systems so the inmates/defendants who are incarcerated don't have to be taken to and from the courthouse. The interviews and questioning can be done remotely.

    Another technological advance is the electronic ...

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    This solution discusses how technological advances likely mean that technology may be increasingly used in the courtroom, i.e. to conduct questioning remotely and to employ an electronic record system. It also discusses how the personnel in the criminal justice system can plan for this trend and make the best use of it and recommendations for ameliorating the situation associated with the increasing use of technology.