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Media in Criminal Justice

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Examine the Company Info and Participating Companies & Technology sections.

Based on your review of the Courtroom 21 Project, in what ways could technology help or impede the criminal justice process? If you were a criminal defendant, would you want your court proceeding to be recorded? What if you were a plaintiff? Explain the rational behind your answer.

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Review: http://www.courtroom21.net

Technology & Courtrooms

The Center for Legal and Court Technology, whose website is the focus of this review, is a non-profit entrepreneurial research & education group whose aim is to use technology in improving the administration of justice. Being that it is court oriented & academic supported, one can be certain that as it assists over three thousand judges & their courtrooms across the States, it also utilises these supporting role to gain access to materials for research to improve its legal database for students & all law professionals & practitioners as well as those who are working in the criminal justice system.
The 'mock' Courtroom of the CLCT is the most technologically advanced trial & appellate court in the world allowing,

"...trials with ...

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The solution looks at a particular situation - that of Court21, to analyse the various roles that new Media as a technology & media as a means of communication & information can do when it comes to the practice of criminal justice.

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