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How the criminal justice system addresssess serial killers

Media stories about serial killers and their crimes hog headlines. The criminal justice system invests efforts to bring in such criminals. In your opinion, does our criminal justice system spend excessive attention and resources on serial killers? Why?

From a utilitarian perspective, what kind of focus should serial crimes receive from the criminal justice system vis-à-vis other crimes? Specify whether you think that the focus provided to such crimes by the criminal justice system needs to be scaled down or heightened and how. Provide a rationale for your opinion.

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1.) The media spends excessive amounts of coverage on serial killers once they become privy to the killer's modus operandi because it is sensationalist journalism and because it can spur tips from the public to leading to an arrest of the suspect. The criminal justice system does not spend excessive attention on serial killers because anytime a serial killer is targeting people no amount of resources or time ...

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This article delves into the issue of media attention and the amount of effort that criminal justice agencies put forth toward serial killer cases.