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Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)

When Jeffrey Dahmer was killed in prison, his brain was removed before his body was cremated. Dahmer's mother wanted it to be studied to see if there were any physical reasons why her son did what he did. Dahmer's father took the mother to court and won an injunction against any research, and the brain was also cremated. If his brain had been studied, it would have been the first known examination of a cannibalistic serial murderer's brain.

1) What is the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), and how will it help the criminal justice system deal with future serial killers?

2) Once an offender of serial or mass murder is apprehended, what would be the outcome considering that the death penalty is declining in most states and may be abolished altogether?

3) Do you believe that serial or mass murderers can be treated and rehabilitated? Why or why not?

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1) CODIS helps the criminal justice system because it enables intra-agency cooperation through the connected databases that store the DNA of suspects convicted of violent crime or who were previously incarcerated for felonious crimes. Many of the serial killers who are eventually caught leave some form of DNA evidence and this ...

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This solution provides an explantion of the services that CODIS provides and how it has revolutionized DNA technology used by law enforcement agencies.