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Recombinant DNA technology

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The theory of recombinant DNA technology was enhanced and used in scientific research and now has practical medical applications in gene therapy. Within the last two decades, there have been major advances in treating genetic diseases that were once thought to be incurable. Discuss a current article where recombinant DNA technology, like gene therapy, has been used to treat a genetic disorder like SCIDS (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome, aka "The Boy in the Bubble Syndrome"), Diabetes, or Cystic Fibrosis. Discuss the following issues:

- How has the use of recombinant DNA technology added to the treatment of the disorder?
- How has the treatment affected the long-term quality of life and long-term outlook of people with the disorder?
- Is more research necessary?

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This solution describes how recombinant DNA technology can be used to treat medical disorders and improve the quality of life and prognosis of those living with those disorders.

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Gene therapy was used to improve the quality of life for children with severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome by introducing a normal copy of a gene needed to have a functional immune system. The treatment ...

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