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    recombinant DNA technologies

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    A. Do you think that using recombinant DNA technologies to change the genetic composition of a human egg cell is ever justified?

    b. If so, what restrictions should be placed on such a use?

    c. What about human cloning?

    These ideas are explored.

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    Well, you have evoked a controversial topic. This can be viewed in 2 directions - one is as seen by a researcher and the other as perceived by the common man.

    As a researcher, technology is always in the mode of advancement. Its a developmental process from simpler to better and better. So there is no harm in using recombinant DNA technology for changing genetic composition of a human egg cell. It is justified to a greater extent when this technology is of real use in combating genetic diseases or to avert any other ...

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    This job considers the use of recombinant DNA technologies.