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    Identifying legal issues associated with interviewing and interrogation

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    Now that you are familiar with the legal issues associated with interrogations and interviews, discuss the effects that Miranda v. Arizona has had on the criminal justice field.

    Provide a brief for the Miranda v. Arizona case and respond to the following:

    How have our practices changed since the Miranda v. Arizona case?

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    The Miranda v. Arizona case was a landmark case ruling for the rights of defendants in the criminal justice system because prior to this ruling, police could utilize their special training and tactics on unsuspecting suspects without any fear of reprisal if these tactics were unethical. The ability to be read your rights prior to the arrest, and be made cognizant of the fact that any statement made would be able to be used against you in a court of law, has prevented many defendants ...

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    The expert identifies legal issues associated with interviewing and interrogation.