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    Miranda Law

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    1. Discuss the similarities and differences between an interview and an interrogation. Explain how you would prepare differently for each.

    2. Miranda Law

    article at http://www.apa.org/monitor/mar00/jn.html.
    what did the court say about the methods used by police during interrogations prior to the Miranda ruling?

    What case did the court agree to review concerning the voluntary nature of a confession?

    What statute did congress pass two years after the Miranda ruling?

    Did the statute overrule the Miranda ruling?

    How do you feel the courts should handle voluntary confession in light of the Miranda law?

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    1. Both an interview and an interrogation need preparation and have very serious consequences. The individual needs to be prepared for certain question which may be asked and the consequences, either charging with a certain crime or getting hired for a job, are very serious. Both also require preparedness on the part of the interviewer or the interrogator. They are also different, as the consequences of an interview are usually pleasant while the consequences of an interrogation are usually negative. In addition, an individual should usually be properly dressed for an interview while a suspect doesn't usually worry about being dressed for an interrogation.

    For an individual, to prepare for an interview, he first needs to research the ...