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    Justice System Procedures and Miranda laws

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    Many people feel that once an individual is placed under arrest that law enforcement is required to advise that individual of their Miranda rights. Based on the U.S. Supreme Court guidelines, Miranda is only required when both custody and interrogation are present. Do you feel that an individual should be Mirandized at the point of arrest, regardless of the Supreme Court's guidelines? Why, or why not?

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    People should be Mirandized regardless of the type of interrogation taking place. As soon as someone is arrested they should be Mirandized because a person could inadvertently say something that may incriminate his or her self, and if the person has not been properly ...

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    This solution focuses on the importance of the Miranda laws and following the correct Justice System Procedures. It includes an explanation of why the Miranda rights should be read to an individual upon arrest and prior to interrogation.