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The Significance of Miranda

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Describe the significance of Miranda v. Arizona (1966).

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Setting a Precedent

Before the establishment of the Miranda Law, there was the precedent set by the case of Danny Escobedo vs. Illinois in 1969. When a ruling on the case itself was in place after his conviction based on the police extracted confession, Escobedo & his lawyer took it to the Supreme Court, establishing the 'right to remain silent rule, a precedent of the Miranda Rights that are now read & made to understand any suspect prior to their arrest & interrogation. While many argue that suspects, criminals & offenders use the Miranda Law as a 'shelter', the enaction of the Miranda Law is a triumph to the advocates of Civil Liberties & constitutionally guaranteed rights. What is admissible to court was adjudged according to the manner by which evidence from the suspect during ...

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The solution concisely discusses the significance of the Miranda vs. Arizona case of 1966 and how it has impacted law enforcement and the criminal justice system in the U.S. to this day. It traces how 'Miranda' or 'pleading the 5th' became part of the arsenal of suspects accused of crimes when being interviewed or interrogated by law enforcement; and how, although it nevertheless provides a 'shelter' for the guilty, it also protects civil liberties.