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Report on serial killers

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Preliminary report:
Correctly identified the current trends and knowledge about serial killings of children.
Explained the creation of the myths of the ever-present serial offender and identified measures to control and address these myths.
Utilized resources and criminological theories to identify the likely suspects and explored the possibility of hate crime and serial killings.
Analyzed how safe the children of the community are, what threats they face, and suggested measures to protect the children. Also, analyzed how fears and perceptions about crimes against children get generated and how they can be combated.
Reviewed the need to change laws to protect children, analyzed the implications of making such changes, and identified the risks that parents should be aware of and whether a change in lifestyle could be a solution.
Identified and analyzed any diversity issues pertaining to the problem and explored benefits and limitations of community policing and task force planning.
Provided preliminary recommendations to resolve the community's fears, solve the crimes, and prevent future occurrences
Use references cite sources.

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This paper is a report about serial killers, myths, how to control such myths and evaluation of the current strategies on serial killers. The paper looks at the impact the menace has on children and how to control this. The paper outlines criminological theories that have led to the rise of serial killers. The paper concludes by giving recommendations about serial killers, effects, policies and future of the society in case of controlled serial killings.

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Serial Killers
The local news has been entailed by news about serial killers of children in the last four months. This has created tension among parents, schools and youth groups and created awareness about the presence of these killers in the society. The New York Times highlighted that there are about 100 children who lose their life in a year due to brutal killings (Sears, 1991). The office of the Attorney in New York published names of serial killers into two broad categories: vindicated and those not judged of their murder cases. This has made the public conscious of the presence of serial killers in the society.

Many myths have developed in regard to serial killers all over the world. Many people know serial killers are stuttering creatures and weird looking or some are good looking. Other people believe that serial killers always live with their mums. It is also believed that serial killers cannot be easily identified by the police. The society also believes that serial killers use ruse tactics to abduct victims. Many people also believe that it is very difficult to catch up ...

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