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Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology

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What advancements do you think will be available in health care technology in the future?
What technology or advancements are already being created/implemented?
What recommendations would you have for the advancement of the technology?

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In the future health care is likely to be completely influenced by technology. Electronic medical records will be completely in place making paper -based documents completely obsolete. Electronic health records are more likely to make the process of maintaining health records more accurate and detailed. Although telemedicine is somewhat commonly practiced by some doctors it will increase and gain more importance. Robotic surgeons are likely to increase where robots would assist surgeons in the operating room. Robots may also assist medical personnel in other areas such as the diagnostic section of a hospital or medical facility. These trends are likely to increasingly develop in the future. There is likely to be a greater consolidation of medical staff agencies with technological companies.

Some curent health care technology advancements that are being implemented include the use of physician order systems which enable orders to be entered by physicians and nurses at the ...

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This solution discusses advancements of healthcare technology that are currently avialiable and what is likely to be available in the future.