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    Comparitive Financial Environments of Healthcare Entities

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    Compare the similarities and differences between for-profit, not-for-profit, and government financial environments. Include where they receive funding, who makes the financial decisions and major stakeholders involved in the process. You may refer to the following health entities for reference:

    1. New York University Medical Center
    2. Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential Health Care Facility
    3.Autumn View Health Care Facility LLC

    1. Buena Vida Continuing Care
    2. Mount Sinai Hospital (NY)
    3. Visiting Nurse Services of NY

    1. VA Harbor Healthcare System
    2. Northshore VA Medical Center (NY)
    3. A Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility

    Please format your response in APA format and include 3 references that are no older than 2007.

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    Financial environments of healthcare entities:

    The financial environment consists of many different factors. The role of finance in any healthcare setting is to use resources to maximize the efficiency and value of the organization. The size and structure of the environment will depend on the type of provider (for-profit, not-for-profit, or governmental) and the size of the organization, but financial structure is equally import in them all and has an influence on organizational goals, financing decisions, and investment decisions.


    - Funds come through individuals buying into the corporation and buying common shares in the company. In sense, they become "part-owners".
    -These shares can then be sold or traded between the individuals (private) or between institutional stockholders as well ( companies that own stock in the healthcare organization).
    - In general, the managers of for-profit held entities tend to be the biggest stockholders.

    These stakeholders have the ...

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    A comparative study focusing on the financial environments of healthcare entities including analysis into stakeholder influence, funding revenues, and management structure of Not-For-Profit, For-Profit, and Governmental healthcare entity structures.