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    Electric Health Records (EHR)

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    In recent years, many health care organizations have been making the switch from paper-based medical records to a paperless, computer-based medical records system. Opponents of a computerized system argue that there are too many security and confidentiality issues that can be created when using a computerized system.

    The health care organization you are working for is switching from a paper-based to computer-based medical records system. Your supervisor has asked you to summarize what an electronic health record (EHR) is, and to list the advantages and disadvantages of using EHRs.

    * Give a brief explanation as to what an EHR is.
    * What information is included in an EHR?
    * Briefly describe some advantages and disadvantages to using EHRs in a medical office.
    * Research an example of a medical office incorporating EHRs. How did it help them? Did it hurt them in any way?

    You are interviewing for a job as a medical assistant working the front desk. Because of the fact that there are medical forms other than health records, the interviewers want to make sure that you understand the different types of forms that you will be dealing with. They send you home to write a brief paper discussing questions that are listed.

    * Answer the following questions:
    o Other than health records, what are some types of medical forms commonly dealt with?
    o What information is included in those different types of forms?
    o What systems are available for filing? Which do you feel is the best? Why?
    o Describe the importance of bookkeeping when dealing with medical records.

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