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Electronic Health Record

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I need help summarizing the following 2 articles and discussing reactions and opposing viewpoints on the issues.

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I think this is what you want....or do you want me to add opposing viewpoints to EHR? Please let me know- want to make sure you are happy.

According to the article, "Surveys show significant proportions of hospitals and doctors already plan to adopt electronic health records and qualify for federal incentive payments" the majority of hospitals and 41 percent of office-based physicians are taking advantage of the incentive programs rolled out by the federal government to encourage the adoption of electronic health records (EHR). These numbers have increased significantly since the initial roll out of the program and only a small amount are not planning to "Apply for meaningful use incentives." The incentives, help physicians upgrade their systems for "the adoption and meaningful use of certified HER technology," a program that is likely to take place over 10 years. Incentive payments are available through Medicare and Medicaid, and vary in amount from $44,000 to millions of dollars, depending upon the provider. The incentives help to offset the cost of adopting electronic health record system, ...

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This solution summarizes two attached articles and discusses reactions and opposing viewpoints on the issue of electronic health records.

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