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Electroinc Health Record: Pro's and Con's

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What are the pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of linking each of the following to an Electronic Health Record (EHR):

a. Physician PDA
b. Laboratory information system (LIS)

What is the role of a healthcare CIO? ( Also, give practical examples in healthcare organization if you have any.)

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The pros and cons of electronic health records are examined.

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A. The pros and advantages to linking the physician PDA to an electronic health record include better access to information when making decisions regarding patient treatment and care. Another advantage is that it allows for easy transfer and retrieval of information regarding the health of each patient into an easily accessible electronic system. Linking the physician PDA to an electronic health record also has the advantage of the ability to instantly share information with specialists all across the world in order to obtain his/her input regarding the most optimal course of treatment to take with the patient. The cons and disadvantages to linking the physician PDA to an electronic health record include a possible ...

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