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Systems Evolution Prepared

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Prepare and submit in APA 6th Edition format, which includes:

Discussion of the evolution of a health care information system, such as order entry results reporting, electronic health
record, office-based medical records, or others

? Include the following:
o Initial usage
o Major changes
o Current and possible future usage
? At least two references

Must include an introduction and conclusion in accordance with the paper.

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The development of electronic medical records has stirred much debate surrounding usefulness,
costs, and implementation in health care settings. For some organizations the implementation of
electronic medical records is a relatively seamless process. For other organizations implementation of
electronic medical records has been fraught with problems and challenges. Factors that may influence
the usefulness of electronic medical records include user skills and abilities, fit of the particular software
for the specific healthcare environment, and planning and preparedness of the organization for
implementation of such systems. For many healthcare organizations the cost of electronic record
systems may be a determining factor in the decisions about whether to adopt EMR or which software
packages to choose.
Evolution of the EMR
The use of electronic medical records stems from the problem oriented medical record
developed in the 1970's. The problem oriented record was developed as a means for independent
auditors to evaluate whether the diagnosis and treatment of patients was justified (National Assembly
on School Based Health Care, nd). The problem oriented record also requires duplication of
information, such as either charting or copying tests ordered and prescriptions written. Many
physicians resent having to duplicate the documentation and feel their time could be better spent on
providing patient care. Despite recommendations ...

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The systems evolution is prepared for health care information.

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