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Triz Theory- Concepts and Laws of System Evolution

Summarize the concepts and laws of system evolution. The Triz theory.

Give an example of something that evolved using each of the 9 laws.

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The laws of system evolution define how technical systems evolve. In the classical TRIZ, there are 9 laws, which are as follows:

Law 1: System Completeness

It is the law which is required to have generation of a new system. A technical system is comprised of several parts and in order for the technical system to work the main components of this system has to be present and perform with minimum working efficiency. Following are the main characteristics of this system:
? Systems have a well-defined structure which comprises of parts and elements
? Systems are designed to fulfill certain functions for which they are designed
? Different parts of system are linked together in a structured way
? Every system has a particular property additionally from the sum of the properties of its constituent elements

There are four parts of a working system:
? Engine: to generate energy from external sources
? Transmission: to bring the energy generated to different units
? Working unit: something which is in contact with the object
? Control element: acts like a system ...

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The solution discusses the Triz Theory including the concepts of laws of systems evolution.