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    The Branches of Geology

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    I have read they requirements and search they internet I am not finding much info on this and feel lost can someone help me or steer me they right way. Thanks. Describe the three branches and three systems of geology.
    · Review Nebular Theory.
    · Respond to the following: According to the Nebular Theory, how did the solar system
    develop? How is uniformitarianism related to the evolution of Earth and the solar system?

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    I am really only aware of categorizing the basic two branches of Geology: Physical Geology and Historical Geology. The third could Engineering/Environmental Geology I would think

    Physical Geology is the study where we describe the Earth, its materials (rocks and minerals as well as water and soil), motions and physical processes (plate tectonics, earthquakes, mass wasting, physical oceanography, hydrologic cycle) and how we describe these things (structural geology, ...

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    Briefly outlines the branches of geology and the Nebular Hypothesis of Earth's origin