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Conservation of natural resources

1) Could someone please explain to me the predictions on the future use of our depleting natural resources. What actions do you personally take to conserve the Earth's natural resources? If you do not currently take action, explain what you could do within the next year that would help conserve natural resources.

2) In what ways do you think learning about geology could influence that way we think about our environment? What would you tell someone who wants to know why the study of geology is important? What can be learning which one could utilize in the future?

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1) To understand this, perhaps you need to consider the origins of environmental thought in the US. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_movement
(the pioneer spirit was to use up the "inexhaustible" forests to make way for humanity....which went fine until they started noticing that the trees were getting sparse)

Anyway, natural resources in general is a broad topic...so I assume you mean "non-renewable resources". At any rate there are a number os adjoining aspects:

* P2 (pollution prevention) - as pollution represents inefficiency of resource use, ...

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