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Environmental Governance, Law and Reputation

Environmental Governance

1. Describe Environmental law.

2. Describe Environmental Governance.

3. Describe Environmental Reputation.

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There are several understanding of the concept Environmental Governance depending on the context within which it is defined. I would like to adopt the definition of Er Florano of the The University of the Philippines - National College of Public Administration and Governance. In his opinion, ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE is defined or characterized as a multi-level interactions (i.e., local, national, international/global) among, but not limited to, three main actors, i.e., state, market, and civil society, which interact with one another, whether in formal and informal ways, in formulating and implementing policies in response to environment-related demands and inputs from the society bound by rules, procedures, processes, and widely-accepted behavior, and possessing characteristics of "good governance" for the purpose of attaining environmentally-sustainable development. ( http://ecogov.blogspot.com/2007/04/definition-of-environmental-governance.html)

Environmental law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties, conventions, statutes, regulations, and common law that, very broadly, operate to ...

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A brief description of Environmental Governance, environmental Law and Environmental Reputation