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Survey questions based on USGS web site

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Web Source Evaluation for http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/geotime/contents.html

1. Name of Web site:
2. Primary use: educational commercial other
3. What organization or individual created this site?
4. Does this person or organization have valid credentials to present this information? Explain your answer.
5. Is the information on the Web site current?
6. What two scales are used to measure geological time? Briefly describe each one.
7. What are some of the factors that challenge the precision of measuring geological time?
8. How old is the Earth?
9. Explain the benefits of the study of geology.
10. How will the study of geology benefit you personally?

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This web site, entitled Geologic Time, is hosted by the US Geological Survey. It is presumed that such a well-established organization would have carefully reviewed all material that is placed on its site. However, it does not state explicitly what criteria this publication has met. The information appears fairly current, as it was updated in 1997. It would not reflect recent developments, but this is not a field in which great strides have recently been made. The purpose of this site is ...

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Answers to survey questions based on USGS web site

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