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    Creatiing Web-based Surveys

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    I'm having trouble with understanding web based surveys. Thanks.

    In 1-2 pages explain how to create a web-based survey using the guidelines on page 300 in the text. Conclude with a couple paragraphs explaining technology's role in evaluation tools.

    According to Granello and Wheaton (2004) and Archer (2003), web-based surveys can be administered easily by following several important steps:
    1. Determine the target population to be assessed and the purpose of the survey:
    2. Design the layout of the survey and format questions, remembering to keep the survey short and simple or else risk skewed answers;
    3. Provide a welcome screen that is user friendly from the start that explains the easiness of responding to questions with instructions;
    4. Post questions that have a consistent format and flow;
    5. Test the system before launching it to make certain the glitches are worked out;
    6. Pilot test the survey with a small group similar to the targeted audience; and
    7. Strategically plan the survey distribution with only a few email reminders.

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    Ta-da! Hope this is what you are looking for - also attached formatted copy.

    According to Granello and Wheaton (2004) and Archer (2003), formulating a web-based survey begins in a similar fashion as strategic selling: one must first determine the target audience and message. This is key in creating a web-based survey that is effective and focused on the issue. One issue to consider is that "nearly 25% of the United States adult population has extremely limited literacy in English" according to the National Adult Literacy Survey (NAAL, 2012). Furthermore, one must ensure that the target audience has access to the Internet, which may exclude economically disadvantaged or physically disabled populations. The purpose of the survey must also be clearly defined. This will serve as a road map to direct the formatting of questions. An important point to consider in this process is how the data collected will be utilized.

    The layout of the survey and format questions must be designed. Questions must be interesting and keep the interest of the audience. The questions must be short and concise, and follow a logical flow. A welcome screen should be included to explain how to fill out the survey in an easy manner. An outline of the intent of the survey should be included in the introduction. If the survey is perceived to be important it will elicit higher response rates. This welcome screen should also include the name of the organization conducting the ...

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    This detailed solution explains how to create web based survies, and includes with an explanation of technology's role in evaluation tools. It includes an explanation of technology's role in evaluation tools.