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HR Barriers and Strategies

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1) Assess the barriers that prevent organizations from realizing the potential of Web-based internal equity tools and propose three (3) approaches to overcome those barriers.

2) Recommend three (3) strategies that HR managers can use to evaluate the quality of market data (surveys, benchmark salary studies, etc.) that they receive from outside sources

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(1)The barriers that prevent organizations from realizing the potential of Web based internal equity tools are communications gap, self-interest, and lack of trust. The HR manager is not able to communicate that the web based tool will not be used for reducing salaries or demoting persons. Genuine self-interest can also prevent the organization from realizing the potential of web based internal equity tools. There are persons in position of power who know that they get more than what they deserve. They do not want the inequity to go. Finally, supervisors and managers do not trust web based internal equity tools. They look at these tools apprehensively.

One approach to overcome these barriers ...

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