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Tactical roles of Human Resource Management

What tactical roles does HR perform in an organization? How does an HR professional act as a coach, counselor, adviser and change agent? How does an HR professional identify customers and assess and address customers needs and concerns?

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//Before writing about the different roles of HR manager, we will write about the tactical roles of human resource management. Then, we will discuss about the role of HR as a coach, which will assist in understanding the importance of HR management in an organization and the role of HR manager.//

Tactical roles of Human Resource Management

The tactical role that Human Resource Manager plays in an organization symbolizes a deep knowledge of the work systems design in which the personnel of the organization deliver the best and contribute to the organization success. This role of an HR encompasses activities like design of work positions, hiring, reward, recognition, strategic pay, performance development, appraisal systems, career and succession planning and employee development (Gupta, 2007).

HR as a Coach

The human resources professional plays a crucial role as a coach to the employees of the organization. Human Resources professional help managers and executives to improve their abilities and knowledge in handling the people. The aim of a coach is to offer feedback to executive and manager to achieve their best in line with organizational goals. The coach listens to the employees and provides results detailing their strengths and weaknesses.

The HR coach works with every manager and supervisor at every level in the organization. The role of HR personnel as a coach emphasizes on assisting managers to deal with the issues and opportunities in the organization. HR coach inquires an organizational leader to demonstrate the way managers and executives dealt with a particular situation. The HR coach then offers advice on the actions that might be more effective than those chosen by the manager (Heathfield, 2008).

//Above, we discussed about the tactical roles of ...

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