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Human Resource, Training & Development, Process Improvement

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The text states, "HR, T+D & PI professionals need to transition away from being tactical specialist and move toward strategic generalist." Perform research to explain what each of the professions do and how they are interrelated. Next, review the statement from the text, why is the author stating the professionals should move from tactical approaches to strategic generalist? How would this new approach benefit the professions?

I need a little help with this discussion, thanks!

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Training and development, process improvement, and human resource professionals are interrelated by their emphasis on maximizing the skills and experience of staff members. This is to enable staff to respond better to the global environment and challenges of new technology. Training and development helps staff members change direction and respond to departmental needs. HR helps staff understand the organization's objectives and strategic plan to better guide staff in taking the right actions to help the organization move forward. PI professionals use a holistic approach to determine the effect of culture processes and current business processes to focus on improvement.

The author is stating the professionals need to move away from specific 'how' ...

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This solution explains why human resource, training and development and process improvement professionals need to move toward stratefic generalist practices. It also outlines what each of these professionals do. APA references are included.