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    Training for Organizational Improvement

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    Please help with some research on change in a human resource development (HRD) organization that you work for, or would like to work for.

    Explain how the following tasks can be accomplished at your chosen organization using competency or case-based decision making training methods:

    1. improve productivity (efficiency and effectiveness),
    2. improve employee satisfaction with the quality of their work life,
    3. improve the ability of the organization to revitalize and develop itself over time,
    4. improve organizational processes and outputs, and
    5. measure if your improvement efforts are successful.

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    Improving productivity (efficiency and effectiveness) can be improved in my organization by using competency based training methods. My company makes and markets molded plastic toys. It continuously receives point of sale data and uses it to adapt its production to the current trends. Productivity of employees can be improved if it reduces production time, reduce the number of rejects, increases the accuracy with which the current trends are targeted by the products, and speed of response to market changes. Competency based training by the human resource development can increase productivity of employees (1). The HR should provide access to internet based training courses, as well as access to market information to designers, and dressers. Also, the HR should provide technical training to all production employees and measure employee activity/productivity every week. The HR should collaborate with trainers to set more challenging goals for employees and use the results to provide training to help employees grow. Further, there are several cases where employees have worked for long periods extending to two years without a break. The trainers should inculcate the habit of taking breaks to rest the mind and increase its productivity (2). The trainers and HR should work together to develop incentives for employees, provide regular and constructive feedback, respect employees as persons, and provide training opportunities for employees at all levels.

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