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How will the training be evaluated

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Your training plan is nearly complete. You are confident that you have aligned the training with overall organizational strategies. You have done a thorough needs analysis to ensure what type of training is needed and why. You are an expert at adult learning theories and your training will be interactive and engaging, sure to keep the interest of all participants. Even though you are confident of the program's success you will be determining the parameters for how this training will be evaluated.

Considering that past training efforts were rumored to be costly and ineffective, how will we truly be able to determine the effectiveness of this new program? Will its effectiveness be based on a financial return of the investment or will it be based on how happy the employees are after finishing it? This final portion of the plan is an outline of how its effectiveness will be evaluated. What criteria will be used to evaluate it and why? What tools or models will be selected? Be sure to consider the strengths and weaknesses of using the various different measurement techniques.

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For evaluating the effectiveness of training, we will not only use financial criterias such as return on investment, but also other set of criterias such as improvement in employee satisfaction and productivity and other aspects such as decrease in employee turnover, absenteeism, etc.

We can evaluate the return on investment by looking at aspects such as improvement in ...

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Training Plan alignment with organizational strategies: How will the training be evaluated for effectiveness and return on investment?

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