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    Conduct a phone or personal interview with a Training Manager

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    Conduct a phone or personal interview with a Training Manager. Ask them to describe the role that training and development plays in their company utilizing the following questions:

    Who conducts the training and how often is it delivered?
    Who receives the training in the organization and what are the topics?
    What are the typical steps in the training process in your organization?
    How are your training efforts evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency?

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    This is a report on a personal interview conducted with a manager engaged in the training of salesmen in a telecommunication company. This telecommunication company is one of the major players in the industry. Its core products include mobile and landline telephone and interned subscriptions or prepaid services, in addition to selling mobile phones of varied features and designs under varied mobile phone brands.

    The role of training and development
    In the telecommunications industry, salesmen are very important not only to facilitate sales but also to get feedbacks from clients that would be used in product and marketing decisions. To justify their functions and role, the salesmen must have the highest level of familiarity with the company's products and services, the motivation, as well as the commitment to provide a link between the telecommunication company and the buyers.
    The salesmen will not have the said competencies if not well trained about the company, its products and services, as well as about identifying potential buyers and converting them into actual buyers. This is the point where training and development come in. Training ensures that the ...

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    The expert conducts a phone or personal interview with a training manager. Who receives the training in the organization and what topics are determined.