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    Importance of Training in an Organization

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    Conduct a phone or personal interview with a current or past manager. Ask this person to describe the role that training plays in the company and where he or she thinks the future of training is headed for the organization. Do you agree with the manager? Please justify your response. Use Microsoft Word to create your response. The write up should be between three to five pages in length, and all sources used need to be cited according to APA style.

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    The question can be divided into a few sections:
    1) Describe the role that training plays in the organization?
    Training is important in an organization because it allows the employees to improve their skills, improve the quality of work they are providing to the organization, and work on their weaknesses. A training program allows an employee to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. Certain training allows all employees to have the same vision and understanding of ...

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    Training is crucial for the growth and success of the organization. Employees improve their skills and gain more confidence in their work and the industry by proper training and development.