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    Importance of Training Delivery Methods

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    Why is the nature of training delivery important to the overall success of employees? Provide examples of different delivery methods and their impact. What is the training method in your workplace? Is this effective?

    What are the implications of using a new-employee orientation? How important is it to the employee? How important is it to the company?

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    // Training and orientation are two major process in human resource management. Training delivery method holds similar importance as the training process as it assists the process conduction. To start with such kind of paper, we would be discussing the importance of the nature of training delivery to the overall success of employees.//

    Various individuals differ as far as their behavior and attitudes are concerned. Similarly, the learning styles are unique to each individual. Training is an important part of employee learning as they gain proper knowledge of working in the organization. Effective training is necessary to ensure the success of the organization. Therefore, the nature of the training delivery becomes important considering this aspect. The nature of delivery of training should be such that it is able to achieve the training objectives (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Training helps the employees to gain a familiarity with their responsibilities, organizational knowledge, and their expected output. The right choice of training delivery method is important to ensure that the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 721 words with references.