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    Getting a business manager ready for a job interview

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    You have been asked by your supervisor to deliver an oral presentation about a business communications topic to a group of business managers who work for both small and large and public and private organizations. You decide to start brainstorming the topic.
    Use the following steps to plan your presentation. These steps are designed to help you analyze the audience, content, and context of your presentation:
    ? Organize the presentation: Prepare an outline of 3-5 key points about the topic that you want to convey to your audience in an upcoming presentation. Remember, your presentation needs to include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use the outline to help prepare subtopics that help organize the presentation material.
    ? To help business managers use communication tools to more effectively train employees to handle customer complaints. Thesis statement. OR to help business managers professionally conduct job iunterviews in the hiring of new employees.
    ? Customer complaints are going to happen - we can't please everyone. However, how these are handled makes a huge impact upon company reputation, public relations and future business. Point 1 OR, for the topic of conducting job interviews: Business managers have to conduct job interviews as one of their job responsibilities. It is essential that this process be handled legally and professionally. Point 1
    ? A training program for employees needs to be established to help train employees to effectively, efficiently and professionally handle customer complaints. Point 2 OR, for the job interview topic, it is essential that the best candidates be hired for the good of the company. An effective interveiw helps to identify which individuals those quality employees are, and helps eliminate undesirable candidates. Point 2
    ? There are consequences for the ...

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