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Job Recruitment and Selection

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Case 4: Recruitment and Selection

Now that you know what a Help Desk Manager should be doing, the owners want to hire one as quickly as possible. The owners want you to consider internal and external candidates.

Describe how you will recruit and select qualified candidates for the Help Desk Manager position. Specifically,

1. Explain how you would obtain internal and external candidates, where you would look, and what methods you would use. Also design a job posting that you will post internally and will send to your recruiting sources.

2. Assuming you received 12 applications/resumes for the position, consisting of 2 internal candidates and 10 external candidates,
a. Describe how you will select the Help Desk Manager. Be sure to include in your description the process you will use for screening the applicants, and any testing you might use in the process.

b. By necessity, you will need to do interviews. Describe what type of interview you will conduct, and create a general list of the type of questions you will ask the candidates.

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The response provides you a structured explanation of the use of job description and structured interviews for recruitment. It also gives you the relevant references.

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I will obtain internal and external candidates through multiple methods. The position of the Help Desk Manager is a senior position and I will seek applicants from several sources. First, I will place the job posting on the internal company notice board (accessible through the intranet). Next, I will identify the persons within the company who have the qualifications and experience suitable for the position of Help Desk Manager and send them an e-mail informing them of the vacancy and that the company is seeking internal and external applicants. For the external applicants, I will look for external candidates by making postings on job sites, making the job posting for external applicants on the company website, I will track the social networking sites for suitable applicants, and I will use referrals by current employees for generating applicants.

The job positing will be:
The Help Desk Manager's role is to supervise the Help Desk Operation and ensure that the users are getting Help Desk aid. The responsibilities will ...

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