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Comparison of Small and Large Retailers

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Please provide an analysis for each concept listed below on "how would small and large retailers approach each of the following differently"?

a. Diversity
b. Recruitment
c. Selection
d. Training
e. Compensation
f. Supervision

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a. Diversity
Small retailers are often limited in the diversity of their employees because of the limited numbers of employees needed. However, many retailers require a cross-section of employees who can represent their customer base, and small retailers attempt to achieve this as well. The small retailers must closely choose each potential employee to insure they are remaining diverse in their selection.

Large retailers typically encourage diversity of employees hired through their human-resource department and company policies requiring that diversity and inclusion efforts be made in the recruitment process. Diversity is closely connected with employee discrimination, i.e. if the employee pool does not represent the customer base, there may be discrimination involved. Large retailers tend to try to meet a ...

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An analysis of the different approaches used by small and large retailers towards diversity, recruitment, selection, training, compensation and supervision is given in 480 words.