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Distribution Strategies for Cars and Canned Soups

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Describe and compare distribution strategies for cars and canned soups. Pick a specific brand in each category.

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Distribution strategies: Car and Canned Soup
Distribution channels play a very important role in a business organization. They facilitate the transfer of the goods and services from the producer or the manufacturer (or service provider) to the end user. As such, decision on channels of distribution is a very important decision to make. As noted by Kotler and Keller (2006), marketing channel or distribution decisions are among the most critical decisions facing management. The company's chosen channels and distribution systems significantly affect other marketing decisions.
Kotler and Keller noted further that there are several alternatives in reaching the market. They can sell either direct, or use one, two, or three levels of channels. Determining the type of distribution channel calls for analyzing customer needs, establishing channel objectives, identifying and evaluating the major distribution alternatives. In addition, the nature and type of product would also determine company's distribution strategies.

Car Distribution
Cars ...

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The distribution strategies for cars and canned soups are examined.