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    Job Recruitment and Selection Plan

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    In this assignment I must review the organization and job description, and Job Matrix. Then, read about the mission and values of the organization, as well as details of the position. Then, develop an outline for my Application Assignment that includes the following sections: Job Analysis, Recruitment Strategy, Selection Tools, and Evaluation Plan. Then develop at least two or three structured interview questions.

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    Consider the job recruitment as the means for creating a job design matrix that provides an overview of specifications to targeted job position duties. By doing so, the job recruitment allows for a more strategic alliance for formulating the right recruitment methods towards hiring method. Most HR Managers utilizes key areas of focuses on recruitment methods ranging from referrals, researching potential talent as well as the current market trends that determines specific / good fit type of candidate. Thus, the selection process is more easier for every hiring manager involved to assure the selection correspond to the designed job analysis.

    The case study hones on a Surgery Schedule Coordinator within an Operating Room that with first assessment requires expertise, detailed oriented to reducing errors during an extremely important phases of job duties, as well as, the collaborative team player mindset. Thus, the aim is to design the final research write up on the basis of the job; Surgery Schedule Coordinator as the ideal candidate having the several attributes similar mention above. By doing so, the job description and initial job expectancy in the type of employee candidate assists in ...

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    The review into job recruitment and selection plan of action to effectively creating a job design and hiring practices.