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    Human Resource Management

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    I am having problems creating an HR Plan.


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    // Human resource is an important asset for any organization and having an efficient manpower plan is necessary as efficient employees means better execution of strategies. In this paper we are highlighting how the HR plan is designed for an organization. We will take up any organization fictitious or real for carrying out our study //


    Planning is important in our everyday life. Similarly planning in Human Resource (HR) is significant for an organization wishing to be successful. It is vital for attaining competitive edge in the market. Mostly top management fails to use HR Department more than as administrative support because they don't realize its importance in managing the most crucial asset of the organization i.e. Human Resource (Rothwell, W. J and Kazanas, H. C., 2002). In this paper an HR Plan has been formulated for getting a practical view of Human Resource Planning.

    //We can take any company real or fictitious for drawing the HR plan. In this paper we are taking an example of a fictitious company named Super Mart. We start by giving an introduction covering the company's operation, competitors, communication system etc. //

    Introduction to the Company

    Super Mart is an American company dealing in chain of departmental stores. Founded in 1972, it is the largest private employer and grocery retailer in United States. It owns 20% of the market share. It is functional across globe in U.K, Mexico, Argentina, China, South America, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Germany and South Korea.

    The company's main competitor includes American Superstore, Sellers and Canada's PurchaseKo (Frank, 2006).

    // We have also talked about the company and its working culture in the introduction i.e. the corporate culture that is followed by its employees both at top level as well as operational level. A company can be exorbitant in its spending or frugal//

    Super Mart has developed a 'frugal culture'. The company's aim has been to keep the prices low and also maintain the cutting-edge technology, a frugal corporate culture and a drive to make suppliers sell merchandise at cheaper prices. the employees are expected to keep the expences at bare minimum. This shows in the meagre salary and health facilities provided to the employees. The culture is present at the headquater also which is situated in a suburban location of Arkansas rather than New York. Its executives use coaches and don't drive limosuiens and share hotel rooms. They come early, go late and work half day on Saturdays. The company's main aim is delivering to customers at low cost which shows in its work culture as well (Wilbert, n.d.).

    //An organization has two types of customers- internal and external. Internal customer includes the employees working in the company. Moving on, we write what steps Super Mart has taken to communicate with its first and foremost customers i.e. its employees //

    For its internal communication Super Mart has recruited 300 HR personnel, whose job is to communicate the business objectives and growth opportunities to the employees. There also has been an ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1728 words with references.