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Handling global recruitment, selection and staffing issues

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As an IHRM, why would recruitment, selection and staffing be problematic? What steps would you take to ease these challenges?

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To help get you started I have broken this assignment into two sections. In the first section I have suggested a few reasons recruitment, selection and staffing could be problematic for an international human resources manager and in the second section, I have suggested solutions to those problems.

I. "As an IHRM, why would recruitment, selection and staffing be problematic?"

1. Recruitment could be difficult when the IHRM is located in a different part of the world than the location where the vacancy exists. This would require extensive travel or trying to adequately recruit long distance.

2. There may be language barriers ...

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Being an international human resources manager poses unique problems as it pertains to employee recruitment, selection and hiring. This solution includes sample scenarios as examples of some reasons why recruitment, selection and staffing could be problematic, as well as suggestions of how an IHRM could handle those specific challenges. Included with the solution are links to several websites that can be used for references and citation purposes.

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