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Unique challenges of international staffing

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Consider the cultural differences inherent in global business as well as the geographic obstacles of home office and remote locations being in different countries.

Summarize the unique challenges of international staffing.

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This solution provides a summary of the unique challenges of international staffing. The following are discussed: multiple aspects of culture, international laws, customs, language translations and other aspects to run the smooth operations smoothly, conflicting expectations, cultural barrier, expatriate management, training and orientation challenges, recruitment and selection challenges.

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Management involves the development of organization systems and practices for the planning, acquisition, development and utilization of manpower. In global business the HR manager should be aware about the international business issues and challenges:

1) Multiple aspects of culture,
2) International laws, customs,
3) Language translations and other aspects to run the smooth operations smoothly.
4) Conflicting expectations
5) Cultural barrier
6) Expatriate management
7) Training and orientation challenges
8) Recruitment and selection challenges

As it has been described the customs, values and laws within the countries are different from each other and those of the United States. Therefore, these aspects such as understanding the country, the culture in each nation and other specific aspects is crucial to run the ...

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