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    Developing a staffing plan for a new call center

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    I need help preparing 1,100 words in which I develop a staffing plan for a new call center - TSYS (Total System INC.). Determine how many people you need to hire and in what functional areas, such as manufacturing, operations, customer service, distribution, marketing, and accounting. Develop strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants. Include a discussion of how the strategy is legally compliant. Use interviews with your HR representatives or staff persons, Web site articles, Electronic Reserve Readings, and HR journal articles to support your position. Use at least two text references.

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    Running Head: STAFFING
    Staffing at Total System INC.

    Staffing is the process of obtaining and maintaining capable and competent personnel in various positions at all levels. It broadly encompasses manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement, induction and orientation, transfer, career progression and separation (Byars & Rue). The main tolls used in the process of staffing are as follows:
    • Recruitment: To a large extent, the effectiveness of an organization depends on the effectiveness of its employees. Hence, recruitment of human resources becomes a significant HR function. Recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting prospective candidates against a vacancy in an organization.
    • Selection: The purpose of employment selection is to choose the right candidate for a job. The process of identifying and establishing the credentials of a candidate for a job to ensure the success is referred as selection. This includes predicting the in-job performance of the candidates (Byars & Rue).
    • Placement: After a selected candidate conveys his acceptance to the offer of employment made by an organization, his placement has to be decided based on the needs of the organization.
    • Induction: Introducing a new employee to the organization, its business, the organization culture, its values and beliefs and practices is termed as induction. In this process, the employee gets acquainted with his new job and his ranks and responsibilities (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).
    Staffing in Total System INC
    Staffing has acquired immense importance in today's organizations as it helps an organization in a substantial manner. It is the first step in the process of acquiring and retaining human resources for an organization. In today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations have to respond quickly to requirements for people who are widely situated at a global level with a complex supply chain ...

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