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Staffing plan for a new organization

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I have to develop a staffing plan for a new organization from a HRM perspective. In this plan I must discuss structure and how I will go about hiring the personnel. Where do I start" Help!

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I have a great start for you (actually a couple): The following sites and information that links from them will take you step by step (step by step link at end of the page) through all the parts of putting a staffing plan together, including recognizing values, goals, and objectives to hire personnel. Then you will be able to develop your staff structure and management as well as successive planning.

http://www.psc-cfp.gc.ca/staf_dot/staf_strat/staf-strat_e.pdf- This is a great document that explains both the human resource management strategy in general applies to to developing a staffing plan. Here is the staffing plan strategy section taken directly from this document:

What is a staffing strategy?

A staffing strategy is not transactional, it is the organization's plan of attack to overcome the
organizational HR challenges that have been discovered through the planning process. For
example, an organization may have an employment equity under-representation situation. Is the
organization having difficulty finding people from one or more designated employment equity
groups for its ...

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The attachments are as follows:
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