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Elements of Human Resource Strategic Planning

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In the human resource strategic plan of staffing, each step is paramount in a successful process. For example, if recruitment is mishandled, the organization is not properly attracting the employment candidates it desires. The solution provides for a detailed, five element example in how to properly manage staffing. Examples of negative consequences are also provided in the event of even one step going wrong. In about 450 words, the solution provides enough detail to reflect a solid staffing plan.

Demonstrate how each element of human resource strategic planning supports the other elements through a (brief) scenario showing the likely consequences if one element is mishandled. The scenario utilized are the five elements that are interdependent in properly staffing. Organizations want to attract and retain the best candidates for open positions. If any of the five elements are mishandled, the organization may be wasting valuable time and resources.

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This solution utilizes the example of a staffing plan to reflect how the elements of a human resource strategic plan are all inter-related. The example discusses consequences if one of the elements is not managed probably. The solution is about 450 words; thoroughly "walking through" what should occur in the five elements of fulfilling an organization's staffing needs.

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In the strategic planning of properly staffing an organization, there are five key elements that are all interdependent: skills inventory, needs assessment, recruitment, training and performance management. If one of these elements fails or is managed improperly, success of the entire strategic plan is in jeopardy.
In order for any organization to know what its staffing needs are; it must know what is currently available. A skills inventory is a method for tracking what type of skills all employees possess. There are many ways this can be done, simply by keeping training certificates in personnel files, to having a software program that categorizes skill sets and level ...

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