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    Suggested Starting Points for a Staffing Plan

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    This response gives ideas on what areas to look at when developing a staffing plan for a Customer Service Environment.

    It also provides the student with some information on where to begin. This response does not include an actual staffing plan.

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    The area of customer service is broad. The first thing to do is define the area of customer service you are targeting as there are many different strategies and staffing plans that you can utilize or create.
    Question to ask: Are you looking at a call center, factory, or a retail setting. Break the area down to what you want the focus to be and choose the type of business you want to focus on.
    I would focus on one aspect of customer service. For example; call center phone associates.

    *Define the characteristics of a customer service associate. This can be done by observing a similar business, benchmarking several of the top companies and also interviewing their staffing department. Think about how you would like to be treated and write those attributes down. Then you can begin to look at what type of recruitment plan you could use.

    *What type of questions would you ask in an interview setting? Should they be scenario based questions that cover characteristics such as integrity, honesty, accuracy, courtesy and efficiency? Most companies use scenario based interviews. They can get a better picture of the candidate if the candidate is given scenarios related to the type of work that is being requested.
    For example, the Bank of America Call center uses scenario based questions to interview ...

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    The paper covers broad ideas of areas to look at for developing a staffing plan. The student was asking for help with ideas on where to start from.