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Determine staffing resource requirements given various call levels at a call center

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What is the methodology for determining the number of human resources needed to meet minimum mandated service levels in a reactive, dynamic customer service environment?

Example: Customer Service Call Center (any type of business) staffing. Service Level requirement is minimal (< 1%) call abandonment (hang-ups) and responding (answering) all (100%) calls within 1 min). If we know the inbound average call volume range per unit of time (example: 1000-1500 calls per month, median = 1100), and the average call duration range (example: 5-30 min per call, median = 10 min), and 25% of daily calls occur between 7AM and 8AM, how should I calculate the minimum staffing needed to always meet service levels, and how does that staffing requirement vary as the percent of heavy call volume (the 25% between 7-8AM) varies?

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The solution explains an approach to the problem with some calculations and ends with a suggestion about how to make a conclusion.

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First let's concentrate only on the time period between 7am and 8am. If this is the peak time period, then if you can handle this, there will be no problem for other times. If you can vary number of people in each hour, then apply the same technical to every other time period (for example, 8am to 9am).

Since you must ALWAYS satisfy ALL ...

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