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    Training Designer

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    You are a training designer for a consulting firm and your supervisor has given you the following assignment: training customer service skills for 15 newly hired call center representatives, between the ages of 19-30.

    Discuss what considerations are important in how you design the training. What approach will you suggest to address the who/what/when/where/how of training design?

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    This is a really large age group, so the training would have to incorporate more than one method. In a call center, it is typical to hire employees with no previous call center experience. The training would have to start from the ground up, and would incorporate telephone etiquette, telephone demeanor, and technical skills, including perfecting the script that should be read based upon the caller's questions. Because we're dealing with a large age group that starts with teenagers and goes into adulthood, the training should incorporate professional trainers ...

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    This solution discusses what considerations are important in how you design a training program consisting of 15 newly hired call center representatives between the ages of 19-30.